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Fontana de medge

92 rue Louis Perissol - 06540 Saorge - France


Nice - 67 km
Menton - 45 km
Vintimiglia - 32 km
Casterino - 24 km   Vallé des merveilles
Riserva Bianca - 30 km  Ski station

One hour from Nice, Saorge is accessible by car (D6204), by train (Railway station Fontan-Saorge) and by bus. The closest airport is Nice Côte d'Azur Airport. 

By train, from Nice-Ville train station, there is a direct train to Fontan-Saorge. With the train you can also reach the main villages of the Bevera and Roya valleys, the valley des merveilles, the ski stations, and the sea side.

By bus,  the line 905 Menton - Tende serves Saorge. 

On the spot, an on-demand transport service is available (TAD) for trips from one village to the other and from the railway station to the village.